Preparation before delivering your T-shirts:

STEP 1: Wash all your t-shirts and mark any fronts or backs that you do not want used in your quilt. Write “no” on the tape. If you have special instructions on a particular shirt, please place a piece of tape on that side of the shirt and write your message on the tape.  ANYTHING THAT DOES NOT HAVE A TAPED "NO" ON IT WILL BE ON THE QUILT (Except for ads)

IMPORTANT! Please try not to eliminate very many fronts or backs as I like to have as much freedom as possible in creating your quilt. I will use even the smallest pieces to fill in as I create your quilt.

VERY IMPORTANT! I will use EVERY part of every shirt that is usable, except advertisements, from what you bring me. I don’t feel qualified to pick and choose which fronts or back to include or eliminate sooo if there is no tape that says NO on it, you can plan on seeing it in your quilt layout. I realize that a shirt might sneak its way into your order that you didn’t plan on putting on the quilt and I will do my best to fill in with your extra shirts or plain color fabric leftover from the scraps. Please know that by the time you see the layout, I have spent much time balancing content and color so making changes at this point can be tricky but not impossible. Thank you for your attention to this critical step of preparation!

STEP 2: Fold your shirts neatly to reduce wrinkles and place in a bag or tub for delivery. Please include 5 extra shirts in a separate sack labeled “extras” in case I need them. These are often helpful for me to fill out the size of quilt you have requested. Whatever is not used will be returned to you with your quilt.

STEP 3: Please fill out the online order form that is on my website and submit. There is a space for additional instructions if needed.

STEP 4:  When I receive your order form, I will contact you to set an appointment for drop off of your items or give shipping instructions. I do require a $50 deposit at time of drop off. For out-of-town customers, please submit your $50 deposit through the PayPal button.  I will send you an invoice through Paypal to pay the balance when your quilt is complete.

STEP 5: Deliver/Ship your shirts and I take care of the rest!

INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT! Please make sure you deliver/send ALL shirts at one time that you desire to be in the quilt. Stragglers delay the process.